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I would like to throw a little love and tribute out to a good friend and killer artist. We call him AC Heat. In reference to AC DC- one his favorites, and cause AC & Heat are what he does…. AC Heat’s money making job is running a ac and heating company in Tempe, AZ…thus the name AC Heat (and the fact he loves AC DC). Now this post is about the way he rocks, but check out his business if your ever in the need a solid ac company.

AC Heat is a great performer. He writes his own music and offers stellar performances of other great artists. He fixes ac units by day and jumps around open mics throughout the valley and neighbors garages at night.

He has put together a list of all time great Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Bands.  Today we share with you.

AC Heat’s 5 Hard Rock Favorites.

  1. AC DC. Of course they made the list. An Australian band, these guys are legends no doubt. Highway to Hell, released in 1979, is one of his favorites. It was also the last album lead singer Bon Scott was in. Even without Bon Scott, AC DC kept going and are a big part of what hard/heavy rock is.
  2. Metallica. Who doesn’t know Metallica. With their excellent instrumentals and aggressive sound, AC Heat says they are one of the best.
  3. Led Zepplin. “Progenitor of Heavy Metal” The English rock band has definetly made history. One of my all time favorite bands and one of the most influential and successful bands of all times.
  4. Aerosmith. Another known American Hard Rock band. Still going strong and the best American selling rock band of all time.
  5. Alice Cooper. Impressive artist and very well known. You can even visit hisPhoenix based restaurant

Many Hard Rock bands are household names. These iconic Artists have shaped the rock industry and inspired others to develop their own styles and sounds. Each artists in this Genre differs with their use of aggressive vocals, bass guitars, and instrumentals. Hard Rock emerged and became one of the most popular forms of music in the 1970’s. As time evolved, so has rock music. The five listed bands we’ve mentioned were originating creators of rock music becoming the popular music of choice. Although styles of Rock have changes and sub genres have been created, these icons and artists will not be forgotten.

Whether or not people can name every song, or even one, when you say anyone of the above mentioned names, or others that we have not mentioned but deserve to be (Bon Jovi, Gun’s N Roses, Van Halen, The Who, and more), people know of then, have heard of them. Not everyone drinks or likes coffee, but when you say Folgers or now Starbucks, there a very few…if any…people unfamiliar with the name.  That is legendary, whether you like the music…or coffee, or not.



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