5FDP & Shinedown

Let’s throw a little attention to 5 Finger Death Punch and Shinedown, with guest SIXX:A.M. and As Lions, as they are heading up the Arena Rock Tour that just began yesterday, October 18 in Little Rock Arkansas. The tour will take place in numerous cities throughout the country, including Denver on the 23rd and Phoenix at talking Stick Resort on the the 27th, which we will be attending.

This years Fall Arena Rock Tour is the biggest yet, so you might wanna attend where you can. The bands are also donatung to four different charities from the tickets sold. $1 from each ticket will go to the charities that they have hand picked.

5 Finger Death Punch, Vegas hard rockers are continuously gaining in popularity and more than just up and coming, both in the states and internationally. Winning Indie Artist of the year at the Rock Awards four years consecutively on 2011, 12, 13 and 14, shows their success. This Heavy Metal band creates great content and are keeping metal alive.

Shinedown, one of the most successful and well know bands of this century, these guys do it. From Chart toppers to a record setting number of number 1 singles, these artist are fuck** amazing. They always give a live, firey and exciting show for fans, and are keeping rock alive.

The Fall Rock Arena Tour is one worth catching if you can. Experience incredible artists and performers live and get your fix of heavy in.

To learn more about the line up, the dates, and where the tour is heading, as well as more about SIXX:A.M. and As Lion, visit:

Tour INFO.


Thanks ALL!



Rocker AC Heat


I would like to throw a little love and tribute out to a good friend and killer artist. We call him AC Heat. In reference to AC DC- one his favorites, and cause AC & Heat are what he does…. AC Heat’s money making job is running a ac and heating company in Tempe, AZ…thus the name AC Heat (and the fact he loves AC DC). Now this post is about the way he rocks, but check out his business if your ever in the need a solid ac company.

AC Heat is a great performer. He writes his own music and offers stellar performances of other great artists. He fixes ac units by day and jumps around open mics throughout the valley and neighbors garages at night.

He has put together a list of all time great Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Bands.  Today we share with you.

AC Heat’s 5 Hard Rock Favorites.

Continue reading “Rocker AC Heat”

Tribute to Thrash Metal

Trash Metal for those that don’t know is an iconic style of Metal that has inspired modern metal, and creatively evolved traditional metal. Trash Metal is known for its fast tempo, head banging, and some much deserved aggression. The energy at a Trash Metal concert is extremely high and mosh pits are extremely common. Also don’t be surprised if you get caught by a random jab, it’s all in good fun.

The best part about a thrash metal concert is that you don’t have to like all the bands because most of them sound a like, and it’s the energy that you are going for, not the artist. That’s not to say that there are not great thrash metal artist. In fact here are 5 of our favorite thrash metal artistsContinue reading “Tribute to Thrash Metal”

5 Dope Death Metal Albums (Recent)

There are a good number of talented, well know Metal Bands. Being that heavy Metal really emerged in the 1970’s, many famous, talented bands came from those times and are well now by many.  As music has evolved, so has the taste for heavy music, style of metal and metal artists. This really brings forward a little something for everyone. Some like it heavy and some like it light. From the original Heavy Metal to Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Stoner Metal and more, in today’s Metal world something can be found for everyone.

I’ve decided to put together a list of some great Death Metal albums that have been released recently, in the past 5-6 years.  Death Metal has more distorted riffs, higher pitched screams and intense (morbid) lyrics. Originating from Heavy Metal, Death is  for Die hard fans and enthusiasts.  Original Heavy metal heads may already be familiar and agree or agree to disagree with my list.

These are some of the best albums to be released in the past few years. If you don’t find an album you love here, shoot us over a line and let us know. Of course we can’t list them all, but we can create a second series of new top albums. And maybe we will learn of an artist or album we’ve yet to hear about.

Disma’s  – Towards Megalithe (2011). We may as well start hella Heavy first. American made, the drumming is intense and on point.

Vanhelgd’s – Relics of Sulphur Salvation (2014). Out of Sweden this Album is raw and real. Melodic and deep.

Nightfell’s  – Darkness Evermore (2015). English and going strong. Not new to the death seen, but still producing.  A doom you gotta hear.

Corpseed’s – Abysmal Thresholds (2014). Dark, Doomy and Fuckin Intense! Finland houses some of the heaviest of death metal. You like death heavy, listen here.

Acephalix’s – Death master (2012). Love this one. Many of you are most likely familiar. If not familiarize yourself.

These are just 5 great death metal albums.  There are many more talented artists and spins on death. Big thanks to the originators of the Heavy Metal scene. Many have been inspired, including myself, and excellent heavy, doomy music has emerged!

If you would like to learn about some, what we call “Hall of Famer’s”, check out my post here and read up.  Again let us know your comments, feedback, and suggestions.



5 Ways To Make A Show Better

There are a lot of good shows this year, and we encourage you to get out of your moms basement and check some of them out. I know some of you are tight on cash, but here are some ways to really make the night memorable and well worth your time and money.

  1. Buy Your Tickets Early – If you know someones coming into town that you want to see, don’t wait until the day before to purchase your tickets. Too often people screw around with wether or not they’re going to an upcoming show for months, then finally make they make the decision last minute to go, and over-pay for their tickets. Be responsible for once in your life, and decide to go ahead of time, maybe then you wont have to use your rent money on the tickets.
  2. Go In Groups – Unless you have your ride or die homie that you like to go to concerts exclusively with, you should bring a group. Shows are always better when they are experienced with lots of people. It’s always great to mosh with all your friends and reminisce after it’s all over.
  3. Rent a Vehicle – I can’t tell you the difference it makes to rent a limousine or party bus, for a show. Not only do you have a designated driver for the night, but you also have a place to pre-game and get amped for the show. I don’t think your uber driver is going to like you head banging in his car before the show. Plus you have extra room to bring people you meet at the show with you after the concert.
  4. Listen to the line up before – If there are going to be openers that you have never listened to before, check out some of their music beforehand. All it takes is a couple listens through their cd before the show to get pumped to hear it live. Even if you don’t love their music, you know what to expect and what bands you don’t want to miss.
  5. Try and meet the band – Unless you are going to the Selena Gomez concert (which you shouldn’t be), then you should have a good chance of meeting the band after the show. Hangout by the tour busses, or where the band is exiting the venue to try and say hi or snag an autograph. You may not want to do this at every show, but for a chance to meet your all time favorite band, then it’s worth the wait.

You don’t have to follow this advise like its the commandments, but after our fair share of shows we can certainly say that these are great things to keep in mind. Seeing a band you like in person is awesome all by itself, but with some foresight and planning you can make a show that much better. Don’t take it from us though, try some of these things and let us know what you think. Not like we expect you to listen anyway, heavy metal enthusiasts are rebels by nature, so we don’t actually expect you to take orders. But if you do choose to listen to anyones advice in life, listen to ours.

7 (Should Be) Hall of Famer’s

In my last post, I talked about the 7 Heavy Metal Bands that should be in the Hall of Fame. Today for any of you that may be unfamiliar because of pure ignorance (kidding), age (too young), or because your green, I want to make sure you have a bit of knowledge on these incredible bands.

Iron Maiden-

One of the most successful Heavy Metal bands in history, Iron maiden is an English band, born in 1975 by Steve Harris. In the early 80’s Iron Maiden release several Gold and Platinum albums (Powerslave, Piece of Mind, the Number of the Beast, Somewhere in Time).  They recently just finished there 2016 Book of Souls World Tour.

Motorhead – Another English rock band that came to life also in 1975. With unique style they became the creators of speed metal and thrash metal (a heavy metal spin). Great band that had their own style, as well as presence in the WWE (wrestling world).

Motley Crue – A familiar name to many, Motley Crue is a an American Heavy Metal Band. They came together in the early 80’s (1981) in L.A. Ozzy Osbourne became privy to the band and they soon became the act that opened for his tour in 1984. They were on fire in the 80’s and still are to me. They made produced several famous, best selling albums and are heroes of Heavy Metal. Drugs, Sex and Rock N Roll

Slayer – Considered more Thrash Metal, Slayer is out of Cali too. They formed in Huntington Beach in the 80’s. They bring to life what some may frown upon, but their music and style is highly influential in sound, lyrics and album covers.

Judas Priest – Ranked as one of the (2nd) greatest Heavy Metal Bands of all time, Judas Priest are real rockers. The English band began before many in England in 1969. With over 45 million albums sold, Priest is also an influence in the Music world.

Def Leppard – Currently on Tour, Def Leppard is still going strong. Formed in 1977 in England, Def Leppard was a strong part of the Heavy metal Movement. Hysteria, one of my favorite albums and their fourth one made to top both US and British charts, and was a big part of their inflating success. They have sold over 100 million albums and have had several platinum labels. Def Leppard are truly Metal Stars and huge part of what Heavy Metal is.


Just a little briefing on the Heavy talent that Heavy Metal offers. Check out some these artists if you haven’t or revisit their music if you need a pick up.


Heavy Metal & The Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame has been somewhat notorious for neglecting heavy metal. Heavy metal has been like the misfit step child that gets half the attention as its well behaving siblings, and metal heads including ourselves are not happy about it. The Rock and Roll Hall of Hame in the past decade has been throwing us a bone, with inductions like Metallica and Black Sabbath, but for the most part they are skipping over the genre entirely. There has been a lot of uproar over this, but still, little has been done about it. So we figure we can help to start some commotion and get everyone riled up about it.

7 Heavy Metal Bands that should be in the Hall of Fame.

  1. Iron Maiden
  2. Pentera 
  3. Motorhead 
  4. Motley Crue 
  5. Slayer
  6. Judas Priest 
  7. Def Leppard

If you think we missed any let us know so we can stir some more commotion.

Like we said however the RRHF is throwing us a bone and inducting some classics into the Hall of Fame, but it seems like more of an act to quite us down, rather than a sincere move to include heavy metal.  AC/DC, Kiss, Van Halen and more are making their entrance into history, but we’ll see how many more will join them.

Hopefully they will eventually include all of our favorites, but until then lets mosh.



Tour Dates – Summer (2016)

For all our metal heads out there I want to offer some tour dates for some up coming shows. Even if your a particular about your music I’m sure you’ll see something you like.

2016 Tour Dates


Slipknot & Marilyn Manson 6/28:7/27

Last couple days to catch Slipknot and Marilyn Manson unite for one of the most popular summer tours hitting almost 40 US cities. The Two headliners are accompanied by Of Mice and Men and will be coming to a conclusion August 27th.

Kiss – 7/7:9/10

Join Kiss in the Freedom to Rock tour this summer. Tour finishes September 10th so there is still plenty of time to hangout with Kiss on tour. It’s hard to say how long these guys will continue to rock the stage, so make sure to catch your painted faced rockers before their tour days are over.

Disturbed & Breaking Benjamin – 7/9:8/19

These two bands are back with a vengeance and looking to take over the stage after releasing chart topping records respectively. Don’t miss this duo, and Alter Bridge and Saint Asonia as they bring down the house together.

Korn & Rob Zombie – 7/19:9/3

Didn’t get enough head banging this summer? Don’t miss Korn and Rob Zombie take the stage accompanied by In This Moment.

Blink-182  – 7/22:10/1

If you like the classic punk rockers, then join them as they reunite for an epic summer tour. One of the longest summer tours, the bands will be accompanied A Day TO Remember, All American Rejects, and All Time Low. This tour will invoke some emotions from those who grew up with these bands in the 90’s

Alice Cooper – 10/4:10/30

America’s favorite theatrical musician is back on the stage after accompanying Motely Crue earlier this year for their farewell tour.

Def Leppard – 9/14:10/10

Def Leppard is performing a huge tour this year with over 50 stops, after launching their newest self titled album.


There is a lot to see this summer for music lovers. Huge Summer tours and some great bands making their final appearances. Don’t stay inside this summer, and make sure to get out and see some our favorites in person.

Best Metal Songs of All Time

Music is our form of expression and what helps us transmute the feelings inside of us. Everyone has there way of relieving pain and expressing their emotions, and ours just happens to be words and music. We respect those that choose exercise and meditation, but we think there is no substitute for hard core metal.

Enjoy this compilation and diffuse some of that tension.

Something to Start With

One Dead Three Wounded.

The Trials of Life. Death and/or Wounds. Music as sound. Vibrational Expression. Much to be told. Not one right or wrong way if the energy is allowed to flow. Everything produces energy. If you are vibing at a frequency that is pushing you into the pits of unclear, the pits of anger and even the pits of love, recognize, experience, and release.

Every person has there ups and downs in life, trials and tribulations. One very important thing for everyone is expression. Without it, emotions and more become packed under the lid. Allowed to ferment and expand and expand, until blown is the lid of reason. Moments of slight release of expression allow some of the pressure to escape, until more becomes trapped if not released. The build up of unexpressed feelings brought on by emotions, feelings and actions is negative for the soul and cries to be released.

For some, darkness may be found in the words written, while for others these words offer a soothing feeling, a feeling that someone else understands. Whether or not your mind has fully revealed the penetration of these words, a finger tingles the soul bringing light to the spoken.

In efforts to promote external expression by becoming aware of internal commotion, I write. and I urge you to unbiasedly read and absorb what is written.  Interpret them as your own. If anything it may promote a thought that inspires creative impact in your current situation in life.

Life is beautiful even when it seems not so. Death means there was life. Wounds mean healing shall begin. Rather than see the black and white, the good and the bad, the light and the dark, allow yourself to dimensionally view existence….yours and that around, discovered by the both the physical eye and the sense we call the sixth.

Giggle when something’s not funny and transmute raw dominating energy into something favorable.

Ok so everything I wrote may seem odd to you. Like, “whoa this dude…or duddette is a trip, maybe even suicidal!” This is however, untrue. It is a new way to hear things, or at least maybe new to some. That’s what is wonderful about our existence, the freedom of expression. Expression is extremely important for overall well being.  Learn more about what this sight means, stands for and will reveal as new posts are written.

Questions?…Comments?…Concerns? Let us know you have something to say.