5 Ways To Make A Show Better

There are a lot of good shows this year, and we encourage you to get out of your moms basement and check some of them out. I know some of you are tight on cash, but here are some ways to really make the night memorable and well worth your time and money.

  1. Buy Your Tickets Early – If you know someones coming into town that you want to see, don’t wait until the day before to purchase your tickets. Too often people screw around with wether or not they’re going to an upcoming show for months, then finally make they make the decision last minute to go, and over-pay for their tickets. Be responsible for once in your life, and decide to go ahead of time, maybe then you wont have to use your rent money on the tickets.
  2. Go In Groups – Unless you have your ride or die homie that you like to go to concerts exclusively with, you should bring a group. Shows are always better when they are experienced with lots of people. It’s always great to mosh with all your friends and reminisce after it’s all over.
  3. Rent a Vehicle – I can’t tell you the difference it makes to rent a limousine or party bus, for a show. Not only do you have a designated driver for the night, but you also have a place to pre-game and get amped for the show. I don’t think your uber driver is going to like you head banging in his car before the show. Plus you have extra room to bring people you meet at the show with you after the concert.
  4. Listen to the line up before – If there are going to be openers that you have never listened to before, check out some of their music beforehand. All it takes is a couple listens through their cd before the show to get pumped to hear it live. Even if you don’t love their music, you know what to expect and what bands you don’t want to miss.
  5. Try and meet the band – Unless you are going to the Selena Gomez concert (which you shouldn’t be), then you should have a good chance of meeting the band after the show. Hangout by the tour busses, or where the band is exiting the venue to try and say hi or snag an autograph. You may not want to do this at every show, but for a chance to meet your all time favorite band, then it’s worth the wait.

You don’t have to follow this advise like its the commandments, but after our fair share of shows we can certainly say that these are great things to keep in mind. Seeing a band you like in person is awesome all by itself, but with some foresight and planning you can make a show that much better. Don’t take it from us though, try some of these things and let us know what you think. Not like we expect you to listen anyway, heavy metal enthusiasts are rebels by nature, so we don’t actually expect you to take orders. But if you do choose to listen to anyones advice in life, listen to ours.

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