5 Dope Death Metal Albums (Recent)

There are a good number of talented, well know Metal Bands. Being that heavy Metal really emerged in the 1970’s, many famous, talented bands came from those times and are well now by many.  As music has evolved, so has the taste for heavy music, style of metal and metal artists. This really brings forward a little something for everyone. Some like it heavy and some like it light. From the original Heavy Metal to Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Stoner Metal and more, in today’s Metal world something can be found for everyone.

I’ve decided to put together a list of some great Death Metal albums that have been released recently, in the past 5-6 years.  Death Metal has more distorted riffs, higher pitched screams and intense (morbid) lyrics. Originating from Heavy Metal, Death is  for Die hard fans and enthusiasts.  Original Heavy metal heads may already be familiar and agree or agree to disagree with my list.

These are some of the best albums to be released in the past few years. If you don’t find an album you love here, shoot us over a line and let us know. Of course we can’t list them all, but we can create a second series of new top albums. And maybe we will learn of an artist or album we’ve yet to hear about.

Disma’s  – Towards Megalithe (2011). We may as well start hella Heavy first. American made, the drumming is intense and on point.

Vanhelgd’s – Relics of Sulphur Salvation (2014). Out of Sweden this Album is raw and real. Melodic and deep.

Nightfell’s  – Darkness Evermore (2015). English and going strong. Not new to the death seen, but still producing.  A doom you gotta hear.

Corpseed’s – Abysmal Thresholds (2014). Dark, Doomy and Fuckin Intense! Finland houses some of the heaviest of death metal. You like death heavy, listen here.

Acephalix’s – Death master (2012). Love this one. Many of you are most likely familiar. If not familiarize yourself.

These are just 5 great death metal albums.  There are many more talented artists and spins on death. Big thanks to the originators of the Heavy Metal scene. Many have been inspired, including myself, and excellent heavy, doomy music has emerged!

If you would like to learn about some, what we call “Hall of Famer’s”, check out my post here and read up.  Again let us know your comments, feedback, and suggestions.



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