Trash Metal for those that don’t know is an iconic style of Metal that has inspired modern metal, and creatively evolved traditional metal. Trash Metal is known for its fast tempo, head banging, and some much deserved aggression. The energy at a Trash Metal concert is extremely high and mosh pits are extremely common. Also don’t be surprised if you get caught by a random jab, it’s all in good fun.

The best part about a thrash metal concert is that you don’t have to like all the bands because most of them sound a like, and it’s the energy that you are going for, not the artist. That’s not to say that there are not great thrash metal artist. In fact here are 5 of our favorite thrash metal artists

Metallica – In case you haven’t heard, Metallica is awesome and like we mentioned before, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame soon. Metallica helped shape current Metal, and played a big part in the thrash metal movement.

Slayer – One of our favorites, Slayer is like no one else with their speedy guitar riffs and fast paced head banging tempo. Slayer too is up for induction in the hall of fame, and a serious pioneer in the thrash metal movement.

Megadeth – Deep bass, and sick guitar riffs, Megadeth is a legend of metal and one of the best thrash metal bands of all time. The pinnacle of thrash metal was said to have been at the Clash of the Titans tour featuring Megadeth.

Anthrax – Just like their name they have deadly music, that instantly invokes head banging and violence. You can take 5 years of rage out of your system by listening to just a couple Anthrax tracks on repeat. These guys are another notorious band that will go down in history as one of the greatest of all time.

Overkill – These guys have not received the same attention as those listed above, but still deserve a lot of credit for shaping thrash metal over the years. There music pounds and their chords hit deep just like thrasher metal should.

If you think someone else deserves to be here, let us know. Otherwise keep your lips closed and your head banging.

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