Something to Start With

One Dead Three Wounded.

The Trials of Life. Death and/or Wounds. Music as sound. Vibrational Expression. Much to be told. Not one right or wrong way if the energy is allowed to flow. Everything produces energy. If you are vibing at a frequency that is pushing you into the pits of unclear, the pits of anger and even the pits of love, recognize, experience, and release.

Every person has there ups and downs in life, trials and tribulations. One very important thing for everyone is expression. Without it, emotions and more become packed under the lid. Allowed to ferment and expand and expand, until blown is the lid of reason. Moments of slight release of expression allow some of the pressure to escape, until more becomes trapped if not released. The build up of unexpressed feelings brought on by emotions, feelings and actions is negative for the soul and cries to be released.

For some, darkness may be found in the words written, while for others these words offer a soothing feeling, a feeling that someone else understands. Whether or not your mind has fully revealed the penetration of these words, a finger tingles the soul bringing light to the spoken.

In efforts to promote external expression by becoming aware of internal commotion, I write. and I urge you to unbiasedly read and absorb what is written.  Interpret them as your own. If anything it may promote a thought that inspires creative impact in your current situation in life.

Life is beautiful even when it seems not so. Death means there was life. Wounds mean healing shall begin. Rather than see the black and white, the good and the bad, the light and the dark, allow yourself to dimensionally view existence….yours and that around, discovered by the both the physical eye and the sense we call the sixth.

Giggle when something’s not funny and transmute raw dominating energy into something favorable.

Ok so everything I wrote may seem odd to you. Like, “whoa this dude…or duddette is a trip, maybe even suicidal!” This is however, untrue. It is a new way to hear things, or at least maybe new to some. That’s what is wonderful about our existence, the freedom of expression. Expression is extremely important for overall well being. ¬†Learn more about what this sight means, stands for and will reveal as new posts are written.

Questions?…Comments?…Concerns? Let us know you have something to say.

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