7 (Should Be) Hall of Famer’s

In my last post, I talked about the 7 Heavy Metal Bands that should be in the Hall of Fame. Today for any of you that may be unfamiliar because of pure ignorance (kidding), age (too young), or because your green, I want to make sure you have a bit of knowledge on these incredible bands.

Iron Maiden-

One of the most successful Heavy Metal bands in history, Iron maiden is an English band, born in 1975 by Steve Harris. In the early 80’s Iron Maiden release several Gold and Platinum albums (Powerslave, Piece of Mind, the Number of the Beast, Somewhere in Time). ¬†They recently just finished there 2016 Book of Souls World Tour.

Motorhead – Another English rock band that came to life also in 1975. With unique style they became the creators of speed metal and thrash metal (a heavy metal spin). Great band that had their own style, as well as presence in the WWE (wrestling world).

Motley Crue – A familiar name to many, Motley Crue is a an American Heavy Metal Band. They came together in the early 80’s (1981) in L.A. Ozzy Osbourne became privy to the band and they soon became the act that opened for his tour in 1984. They were on fire in the 80’s and still are to me. They made produced several¬†famous, best selling albums and are heroes of Heavy Metal. Drugs, Sex and Rock N Roll

Slayer – Considered more Thrash Metal, Slayer is out of Cali too. They formed in Huntington Beach in the 80’s. They bring to life what some may frown upon, but their music and style is highly influential in sound, lyrics and album covers.

Judas Priest – Ranked as one of the (2nd) greatest Heavy Metal Bands of all time, Judas Priest are real rockers. The English band began before many in England in 1969. With over 45 million albums sold, Priest is also an influence in the Music world.

Def Leppard – Currently on Tour, Def Leppard is still going strong. Formed in 1977 in England, Def Leppard was a strong part of the Heavy metal Movement. Hysteria, one of my favorite albums and their fourth one made to top both US and British charts, and was a big part of their inflating success. They have sold over 100 million albums and have had several platinum labels. Def Leppard are truly Metal Stars and huge part of what Heavy Metal is.


Just a little briefing on the Heavy talent that Heavy Metal offers. Check out some these artists if you haven’t or revisit their music if you need a pick up.


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