The Hall of Fame has been somewhat notorious for neglecting heavy metal. Heavy metal has been like the misfit step child that gets half the attention as its well behaving siblings, and metal heads including ourselves are not happy about it. The Rock and Roll Hall of Hame in the past decade has been throwing us a bone, with inductions like Metallica and Black Sabbath, but for the most part they are skipping over the genre entirely. There has been a lot of uproar over this, but still, little has been done about it. So we figure we can help to start some commotion and get everyone riled up about it.

7 Heavy Metal Bands that should be in the Hall of Fame.

  1. Iron Maiden
  2. Pentera 
  3. Motorhead 
  4. Motley Crue 
  5. Slayer
  6. Judas Priest 
  7. Def Leppard

If you think we missed any let us know so we can stir some more commotion.

Like we said however the RRHF is throwing us a bone and inducting some classics into the Hall of Fame, but it seems like more of an act to quite us down, rather than a sincere move to include heavy metal.  AC/DC, Kiss, Van Halen and more are making their entrance into history, but we’ll see how many more will join them.

Hopefully they will eventually include all of our favorites, but until then lets mosh.



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